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Mage Rage

We had the pleasure of working with Alan for a number of years, during which time he played a vital part in the development of our websites, our bespoke Order Management System and also our integration with both marketplaces and email service providers. Throughout we found Alan to have an in-depth knowledgeable of all things technical, especially Magento, and he constantly suggested new and interesting ways we could improve our business performance. Alan is an incredibly upbeat and passionate person, always tackling challenges with a smile even when time was most critical, but more importantly than this his commercial awareness allowed him to understand our business priorities and add true value throughout.

Rebecca Jones - Marketing Manager, Net World Sports

Before Mage Rage was officially formed Mage Rage Managing Director Alan Peate spent a year proudly working for Wrexham based sports e-commerce retailer Net World Sports.

Net World Sports was founded in 2009 by Managing Director Alex Lovén and has grown exponentially since then. Boasting a huge catalogue of sports equipment for almost every sport you can imagine and shipping all over the world, Net World Sports is the number 1 online destination for sports equipment.

During his time there Alan held the position of Technical Lead, helping to build on the company's impressive background and help take it to the next level. Alan built many custom modules, improved dramatically on the work of the previous developers in order to launch Net World Sport's new Net World Sports UK, Net World Sports USA, Net World Sports Canada, Net World Sports Ireland and Net World Sports Australia sites whilst improving the speed of all these.

Alan set up several new servers to help the Net World Sports infrastructure grow and improve reliability.

As well as Magento Alan was also actively improving the company's bespoke order management system, making significant changes that dramatically improved the efficiency of the warehouse.

In 2016 Alan helped Net World Sports grow the developer team by helping to hire new developers and lead the team until Alan eventually left to run Mage Rage full time. During this period he evolved the development processes and helped form an environment to allow collaborative development.

I had the chance to have Alan as my Team Leader. I was very impressed by his high level of Magento skills and his key interest in server environment (a very good DevOps) which allowed him to produce the best performance possible for our e-commerce platforms. I would highly recommend Alan to anyone needing an ace technical with no hesitation as I find him to be very professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sergiu Orbu - Magento Developer, Net World Sports

Alan is a good supplier, a smiling person and a very smart coder. He is always on track, he can be time effective in tackling any issue. He has proven to be a reliable resource in terms of managing the security and automating those tasks that were time consuming when it came down to manage our servers. He knows very well how to manage web server, linux systems and he can be a very effective technician. As a good technician he is used to service for those urgent scenarios at any hour and he can provide a service that won't let you down. Working with Alan I saw him use his expertise to cut down developing times and save the company a considerable amount of money.

In terms of considering Alan's skills, I feel free to say that you may have no doubt in choosing his professional services. He is also a very gentlemen, well mannered and he can fit pretty smoothly in any work environment. I would definitely suggest Mr Peate as a Magento Developer for your company.

Angelo Maragna - Magento Developer, Net World Sports