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"We couldn’t live without this man!"

Tom Green - Managing Director, The Green Spark Plug Co

Founded by Tim Green, The Green Spark Plug Co. specialises in spark plugs & accessories for veteran, vintage and classic engines.

The Green Spark Plug Co came to Alan in 2015 before Mage Rage was even officially born! At this point things were not in the best shape. A previous developer had migrated The Green Spark Plug to Magento and left it in a bad way. Search engine rankings were well down; traffic had dropped through the floor and the website was extremely slow. Most pages from the previous site had not been properly redirected to the new pages on Magento and so most old links were getting a 404.

Mage Rage has helped transform the business using SEO and Magento expertise to get The Green Spark Plug back to the first page of Google for key phrases such as “spark plugs.” Mage Rage built multiple custom modules including a custom search system, automatic 404 handling system, brands system, part finder system and much more.

Mage Rage migrated The Green Spark Plug over to a Magento Optimised VPS, set up and managed by Mage Rage. This was at a fraction of the cost of the existing slow server they had. The results speak for themselves. Pages that used to take 10 seconds to load now take less than half a second and conversions have gone up significantly. Many people have commented on the ease of use of the site and how fast it is.

You can see the site at

Mage Rage and Green Spark Plug continue to work together and are currently developing an exciting new project in Magento 2!

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We couldn’t live without this man!

Alan has transformed our website sales and assisted us in becoming a market leader. He has up to date knowledge and expertise and is always available for support. Once he has begun a project Alan repeatedly goes the extra mile taking ownership and subsequently moving the process on; without being prompted.

On several occasions we have received requests to sell our website code and we have had many compliments on the user experience and site speed.

And this is only the beginning…

Tom Green - Managing Director, The Green Spark Plug Co