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Mage Rage

Magento Doctor

As Magento is a complex system, sometimes things go wrong. This can be for many reasons, including poor or inexperienced developers, inadequate hosting, poorly coded modules and more.

The Mage Rage Magento Doctor service is a unique service designed to help you get your Magento back to full health and deliver the results you would expect.

The Magento Doctor service can help with any Magento problem, such as:

  • Slow Magento (also see Magento Hosting)

  • Broken or unfinished Magento modules

  • Failed Magento upgrades

  • Crashes and Magento errors

  • Problems importing or exporting data

  • Missing security patches

And much more...

The Magento Doctor service isn't just for Magento 1; Mage Rage can provide all of the above for Magento 2 as well!

If you are fed up with your current developers or hosting company, contact Mage Rage to see what you are missing.

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