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Mage Rage


All Mage Rage projects are completed with SEO in mind. From the technical side of things, Mage Rage will build your site with the best SEO practices in mind, ensuring that the technical structure of your website gives your website the best chance at ranking well on Google.

Mage Rage will advise you on tips and tricks to get the most out of your content and make best use of social media. Mage Rage will also help with key areas when your website is launched, such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

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Internet Marketing

To get the absolute best out of your online presence, having the right marketing strategy is important. Mage Rage's Internet Marketing partner of choice is Ascendancy Internet Marketing.

Ascendancy was founded in 2004 by Director, Helen Culshaw, who has worked in web design, development and internet marketing for over 15 years. Helen and her team are experts in search engine optimisation, Google AdWords, social media marketing, email marketing and more. Ascendancy is a highly rated Google Partner; they have countless certifications and know how to get results that show.

The Ascendancy team are already working with several Mage Rage clients to build on their existing success and even save them money.

You can find Ascendancy at: