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Mage Rage

About Mage Rage

Mage Rage was founded in 2016 by Certified Magento Developer Alan Peate. Mage Rage may be a young company, but it is built on over 5 years of practical experience, expertise and dedicated hard work. Mage Rage has taken this experience and knowledge and is using it to help transform the businesses of clients. Here's just one example.

Mage Rage uses the latest technologies to build powerful solutions specialising in Magento and Magento 2. Combined with Mage Rage's powerful hosting infrastructure and in depth knowledge of servers and high performance hosting, Mage Rage has the tools to create success.

Mage Rage loves to go the extra mile and clients recognise this. That's why Mage Rage have ended up building systems that transform business processes as well as websites. See the VES Custom optics story for an example.

Mage Rage is based just outside Oswestry, Shopshire but is already working with clients from Scotland all the way down to London!

So that's Mage Rage... now meet the man behind the company, Alan.