Your Vision, Realised

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is just as true for your website as it is for you. And with 94% of negative website feedback being design-related, we’re here to get this right for you.

We work closely with each of our design clients to understand their unique brands and visions. Then, we create a website design that projects this vision to the online world, helping our clients get seen by the people who matter most to them.

Mage Rage’s website design team can help:

  • Start-ups in need of a website design that reflects their vision.
  • Established businesses in need of a rebrand to refresh or revive their websites.
  • E-commerce companies in need of an interactive shop with a standout design.

If any of these sounds like you, Mage Rage can craft a website, logo, social media graphics, banners, and other design materials that help your business climb to new heights.

We can also pair your website design with web development, which will ensure your website runs optimally, responds quickly, gains search engine visibility, and offers full functionality.


Website Design for Start-Ups

As a start-up, seeing your website, your main marketing tool, come together is one of the most exciting parts of launching your business. With your website ready to go, you can start promoting yourself online and harness the attention of your ideal clientele.

But if your website doesn’t reflect your brand, this excitement can fall flat. Mage Rage prides itself on crafting website designs that encompass your business vision. We don’t rehash template designs. Your website will be 100% designed for you. Our goal is to handcraft the website you imagined, only better.

If you’re not sure exactly what your company brand should look like, don’t worry. We can discuss your business with you to come up with ideas that inform your new logo and/or website design to make sure these have the right feel.

Website Design for Businesses In Need of Rebranding

If your business is in need of design renewal, we can reimagine your existing design to update your website in line with your vision. After an in-depth consultation with you about your updated needs, we’ll craft a website that showcases your unique brand in all its reinvigorated glory.

But we won’t lose your roots. We’ll inject new life into your existing design, enhancing this without losing your business’ original vision.


Website Design for Online Shops

Whether you’re a startup or a company in need of a rebrand, if you’re an e-commerce business, a strong, vibrant design is essential for your online shop.

When we’re designing your shop, we’ll hone in on the user journey, conceptualising a design that will encourage shoppers to click through and make those all-important purchases.

We’ll also make sure you have well-designed category and product pages. And a clear, easy-to-navigate checkout page design that makes it as easy as possible for users to complete their transactions. No getting lost part way and leaving the page.

Online shop aside, homepages typically have the highest bounce rate. So, we’ll be extra sure to design a homepage that will entice customers and make them want to click through.

How Our Website Design Process Works

We’ll begin your design process by discussing:

  • The impact you’d like your design to have.
  • The message you’d like your brand to share.
  • Important visual aspects you like the sound of.

Then, we’ll begin the design process. With your ideas at the front of our minds, we’ll bring your brand to the screen in a clear, consistent design. We want you to reach the people you want to reach, and our website design and any other design efforts will reflect that.

We’ll also design your website so it looks great on all devices, from computer monitors to mobile devices. Over 62% of mobile traffic now comes from smart devices, so we’ll get your website in ship shape for users, whatever device they’re using to explore your site.

Interested? Get in touch and Mage Rage will guide you through the rest.


Are you based in Oswestry or Shrewsbury? Check out our web design services in Oswestry and web design services in Shrewsbury.

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