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So you have your website up and running. Don’t let it fall over or lose key sales due to lack of maintenance. For e-commerce especially, proper maintenance and monitoring of your website is essential to maintaining the function of what, for many, is the primary source of revenue for their business. Think of it like a car – you wouldn’t run your car without ever giving it a service, so don’t do it to your website!

Mage Rage can offer a range of retainer or support plans to meet your ongoing needs and business growth. Backed by Mage Rage’s extensive knowledge and expertise in Magento, WordPress and other web development, you can be confident you are in safe hands.


Support Plan Options For Every Need

Mage Rage is proud to offer complete flexibility when it comes to support plans by offering the scope of complete customisation for a plan.

A basic support plan comes with a minimum commitment of 8 hours (1 day) of time per month, but beyond that it can cover whatever you wish, all with no ties on a rolling monthly basis. Plans can be adjusted each month if needed, it’s all about creating something that works for you and your business.

Support Plan Advantages

Having a support plan in place creates peace of mind that an expert is committed to helping you with your online presence. Mage Rage can help you make best usage of your support plan by proactively suggesting usages for the time. Any clients on a support plan get priority support over those not on a support plan, as well as avoiding the minimum task charges on both time within their support plan and any overage. Clients without a support plan are subject to minimum task charges for any support request, so these support plans are ideal for those with ongoing support requirements.

Get in touch to see how a support plan can be crafted for your needs.

Magento Support and Service Packages

In addition to the standard support packages, Mage Rage can offer a range of set service packages specifically designed to cover ongoing maintenance needs without the stress.

Updates and Maintenance

The Updates and Maintenance package includes:

  • All Magento core updates scoped and applied.
  • All third party modules scoped and applied, subject to updates being available to your account. (Some module providers require an ongoing subscription to access updates).
  • Updates deployed to a staging area for testing prior to live deployment.
  • Monthly summary and suggestions report.

Monitoring and Security Basic

The Monitoring and Security Basic package includes:

  • Domain and SSL up-time monitoring from Mage Rage proprietary systems and optional third party systems.
  • Proactive response on downtime and root cause diagnosis.
  • Regular malware scanning and reports if anything is detected with recommendations.
  • Set up and monitoring of security reporting tools such as Magento Security Scanner and MageReport with reports on any action required.

Monitoring and Security Advanced

The Monitoring and Security Advanced package includes all the features of the Monitoring and Security Basic package, plus:

  • Monthly audit of multi-point security areas such as sensitive file exposure, log reviews, version control file verification, PHP and hosting environment review and more.
  • Set up and receive Magento exception notifications with proactive evaluation.
  • Advanced monitoring of site files, generated feeds and other website aspects.
  • Advanced application level monitoring and alerts with systems like New Relic.


The Performance package includes:

  • Monthly Lighthouse / Pagespeed evaluations.
  • Server / page response time evaluations.
  • An coordinated, monthly time allowance towards improving the above metrics across both the website and hosting environment.

As with the standard support plans, each package can be customised and mixed on request to create a bespoke package for your exact needs.

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