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No-one has time for slow, outdated sites. Whether you’re a start-up looking for your first e-commerce website or a mature company looking for an update, Mage Rage can help.
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Alan Peate

Meet the Founder: Alan Peate

Mage Rage’s Founder and Managing Director Alan Peate channels his extensive web development expertise into every project. As a Certified Magento Developer, Alan has over a decade of Magento experience, not to mention expertise in WordPress, server management, and hosting solutions. He is widely recommended for crafting and managing e-commerce solutions where other developers and agencies have struggled.

Why You Need a Magento Developer

Trusting your project to a Certified Magento developer means you can be certain the person handling your site has a solid knowledge of Magento’s inner workings. Unfortunately, there are some self-proclaimed experts out there who don’t have this knowledge. Mage Rage does.

Your website is one of the most important – perhaps the most important – tool when it comes to selling your products and services. It’s your magnet to attract and convert clients and customers. And this magnet needs to be strong. That’s why Mage Rage dedicates itself to helping businesses make the most of their online presence with responsive, streamlined e-commerce solutions.

Whether you opt for a custom website or ask Mage Rage to update or migrate your existing e-commerce site, we’ll help you scale your business, increase conversion, and fulfil your online market capacities.

Take a look around and then get in touch to see what Mage Rage can do for you.