Certified Magento Developer Alan Peate founded Mage Rage in 2016. Having completed his degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Alan went on to develop his expertise in Magento and WordPress at creative agencies and large e-commerce stores. During his years with these companies, more and more businesses approached Alan about their web development needs. As demand grew, Alan eventually launched Mage Rage – and he hasn’t looked back.

Today, Mage Rage has transformed countless businesses through Alan’s high-concept e-commerce and hosting solutions. Alan is proficient in the latest technologies to build powerful Magento 2 solutions and responsive WordPress sites.

Alan Peate

Where Does the Name Come From?

This is a question we get asked a lot.

Magento reference aside, a ‘Mage’ is form of ‘magician’ or ‘wizard’ in the sci-fi world. And it wouldn’t be the first time a client has used these terms to describe Alan. He’s known for developing sites that other developers have deemed ‘impossible’ to fix or build.

Rage’ refers to the anger displayed by Alan’s fellow intern during a degree placement all the way back in 2009. Alan will never forget Kev bashing his head against his keyboard in frustration at the complexities of the site in question.

Will You Work with Clients Anywhere in the UK?

Mage Rage is based in Shropshire but works with clients all over the UK, and even as far as Australia! We especially enjoy the odd business trip to visit clients in Aberystwyth, London, and everywhere in between.

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