Managed Cloud Hosting

Mage Rage has been offering its reliable cloud hosting since 2016 and now hosts over 100 websites.

We understand the importance of server performance and know that slow page loads can lead to customers abandoning your website. If you have a slow or unreliable site, Mage Rage’s cloud hosting can inject the boost it needs.


How To Choose a Hosting Provider

When choosing your hosting provider, it’s important to think beyond the hosting environment. A Magento specialist has the expertise required to design, configure, and maintain hosting infrastructure specifically for Magento sites. Mage Rage hosts numerous Magento websites using a range of scalable cloud providers across the globe.

Different sites need different hosting solutions. So, Mage Rage has developed and adapted its hosting packages to optimise for popular e-commerce platforms like Magento and WordPress. Mage Rage underpins each hosting solution with the security, speed, and stability websites need to perform at their best.

Mage Rage Hosting - Standard Features

All hosting packages include:

  • A cloud-based infrastructure
  • SSD storage on all servers
  • A WordPress or Magento-optimised platform
  • Inclusive off-site, encrypted backups
  • Automatic service failure detection and recovery
  • Automatic uptime monitoring
  • Automatic DNS change monitoring
  • DNS failover
  • Separated services – this means your database, email system, and website will run on different servers
  • Choice of PHP versions, ranging from legacy PHP 5.6 to the latest versions of PHP 7 and PHP 8
  • HTTP2 support
  • Free SSL certificates

Mage Rage Hosting - Optional Features

  • Custom-built CDN with integrated image compression and conversion, WebP support, AVIF support and advanced features
  • Additional protection via Cloudflare

Mage Rage offers a range of hosting options to accommodate your website’s size and your budget.

Whether you need Magento-optimised hosting, WordPress-optimised hosting, standard cloud hosting, or your own dedicated VPS server, Mage Rage can help.


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