Server Management Without the Technojumble

Mage Rage can manage your existing website and server to the highest level. We improve uptime, provide resource monitoring, and implement automatic service recovery so you don’t run into any server troubles.

Server Audit

Let Mage Rage root out your issues.

If your server is running into difficulties, Mage Rage can run a full audit of your server and website configurations to identify the root cause of the problems. Once we’ve found the problem, we can:

  • Work independently (or with your developers) to fix the website problems affecting server stability
  • Reconfigure the server to improve stability and performance
  • Migrate your website to a better-fit platform
  • Guide you towards the right server upgrades for your needs

Should your website become the source of problems, for e-commerce sites Mage Rage can also advise on the best website migration for your needs and offer the relevant server management following your migration.

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