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WordPress Development

The Brief

The expert content writers at Finer Things Editorial asked Mage Rage to help them craft a new website that reflects their professionalism and values.

Meet Finer Things Editorial

According to 2023 statistics, businesses that blog get 67% more leads. That’s why Finer Things Editorial champions the cause and craft of blogging for business growth.

They understand the importance of high-calibre, human-written content that allows businesses to shine through as the rightful experts in their field, and generate high quality leads through content that ranks on search engines.

Finer Things Editorial content has appeared on a wealth of prominent websites, including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Science Times and The Business Times.

Finer Things Editorial logo
Finer Things Editorial site on devices

Finer Things Editorial and Mage Rage

Mage Rage worked closely with Finer Things Editorial to hone and implement their design vision into an optimised, fully mobile-friendly WordPress website. Mage Rage crafted the WordPress website to include an online quiz system to power Finer Things Editorial’s unique Content Formula quiz, as well as a range of custom design features.

Mage Rage continues to work closely with Finer Things Editorial as they transform businesses across the globe!