Performance-Optimised VPS Servers

Large sites often have demanding requirements and need hosting on dedicated servers or VPS servers (Virtual Private Servers). If you have specific requirements for a large site, Mage Rage can create a custom hosting solution. Our scalable server solutions range from 1 CPU/1GB RAM up to 32 cores and 192GB RAM.

Mage Rage offers rock-solid web hosting, built on a reliable cloud infrastructure. We set up these servers from bare operating systems to ensure super-fast and reliable hosting – ideal for power-hungry platforms like Magento. All Mage Rage servers make the most of powerful Intel and AMD processors, along with SSD storage so you can get the best performance from your website.

Custom Hosting Solutions

If you have particular or complex hosting requirements, Mage Rage can set up a hosting infrastructure to meet your exact specification. Our bespoke hosting solutions include all the benefits included in our standard hosting packages.

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