Secure, Fast Cloud Hosting

All Mage Rage hosting is cloud based for the simple reason that cloud hosting offers the best reliability. Some companies boast about having their own server in a data centre as if this is a huge advantage. But here’s the thing they never tell you: a dedicated server is a single machine. So, if a part breaks on this machine, then your website, emails, and more could be offline for hours or even days.

Cloud hosting is different. Cloud servers look and act like any other server but actually run on many machines. If one of these machines suffers a broken part, your hosting provider can replace it without disrupting your services. In short, your website stays online and you don’t lose any sales.

Finding the Right Hosting Package for You

All Mage Rage hosting packages include free SSL certificates and uptime monitoring. Plus, Mage Rage offers secure offsite daily backups so you’re never at risk of losing your data.

Mage Rage doesn’t believe in tie ins or long contracts. We want life to be simple. Get a hosting quote to find out just how easy this can be.

You can also learn more about Mage Rage’s hosting solutions on our hosting page.

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