Underskilled developers could cripple your Magento performance. Many of them don’t understand Magento’s complex requirements. They could also cause website problems that stop customers from checking out when they want to buy your goods. And if they want to buy from you, nothing should get in their way.

Fear not. An experienced Magento developer will help you reap all the benefits of a Magento site and avoid these problems. Mage Rage can help.

Magento Troubleshooting

Mage Rage offers professional web development, hosting, and troubleshooting for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. We’ve worked on a multitude of complex and technical sites and created solutions where previous developers have failed.

Mage Rage can help you with:

  • Troubleshooting performance issues
  • Broken or unfinished Magento modules
  • Failed Magento upgrades
  • Hack recovery
  • Crashes and Magento errors
  • Problems importing or exporting data
  • Missing security patches

Slow and broken websites paralyse sales. But Mage Rage has optimised websites that previously took 4–5 seconds to respond, bringing this load time down to under half a second.


How Do We Fix Your Magento Issues?

With Magento expertise. Some Magento developers move slow sites to big – and sometimes expensive – servers. Others install a caching extension to ‘solve’ this problem. These steps can seem to help on the surface, but they only mask the real issue. Unfortunately, it’s easy for some developers to get away with offering these so-called solutions because their clients don’t realise there’s a better way out.

Instead, Mage Rage uses advanced tools to trace the sources of slow page loads down to the specific problem areas or modules. Mage Rage then dramatically improves the speed of the problematic areas at source through proper coding techniques, caching, Magento optimisations, and hosting designed explicitly for Magento.

Kind Words

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