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Mage Rage

Slow Magento?

This is a problem Mage Rage hears about a lot! It's a known fact that slow websites cost sales so it is important that your website is fast and responsive. But fear not as this is an area where Mage Rage excels. Taking a slow Magento and transforming it into something that flies is one of the things Mage Rage loves the most.

Mage Rage have taken sites where pages have taken 4 or 5 seconds to respond and brought that down to under half a second.


By using Magento expertise. Some so called Magento developers will offer to move your site to a big and sometimes expensive server or just install a caching extension. This will help, but its only masking the problem.

Mage Rage will use the knowledge and experience of a Certified Magento Developer to get the most out of your Magento. By using advanced tools and tracing the sources of the slow page load down to the specific areas or modules, Mage Rage can dramatically improve the speed of the problematic areas at source. When combined with proper caching, Magento optimisations and our Magento optimised hosting, you can trust an expert to make your Magento fly.

If you are ready to see the difference yourself, contact Mage Rage today.

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