Website Services in Shrewsbury

Given Mage Rage’s location on the Welsh border, Shrewsbury is our nearest ‘big’ town, and we love supporting local businesses here. Businesses in Shrewsbury (and wider Shropshire) often ask us for help with website design, website development, server audits, and hosting solutions. Some companies that have their own web teams also ask us for consultation support, and we help them brainstorm web solutions.

We’d love to support your Shrewsbury business too. We’re only a 15-minute drive away, and we’re on hand to meet up with you, grab a drink, and talk about your plans.


Shropshire Website Design and Development Services

Here are some of the services that we help our Shropshire businesses with.

  • WordPress development. WordPress is ideal for brochure sites and small e-commerce sites. It’s super user-friendly and easy to manage, and we can conceptualise an on-brand WordPress design to get you the online visibility you need. Personalisation-wise, we can also add a variety of extensions and/or plugins to customise your site.
  • Magento development. If you run a large e-commerce business, it’s hard to beat Magento’s wide-ranging portfolio of plugins and extensions. Its capabilities are immense, even making it possible to manage multiple online shops from one back end.
  • Shopify set-up, personalisation, and design. Setting up an online shop of any size? Want to stay away from maintenance and security worries? Shopify is for you. Shopify covers the solving of technical problems in its monthly fee. That means you just need us to set up and design your shop. Easy.
  • Custom development. We pride ourselves on building websites where other developers have struggled. So, if you need specific website features, tell us! From tracking platforms to bespoke CRM systems and custom applications, there’s nothing Mage Rage hasn’t been able to build yet.
  • Web design: Mage Rage can create wow-factor website designs for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups that need their first website to established businesses that need a rebrand and e-commerce businesses that need interactive shops.
  • Cloud hosting. No one likes a slow website. And we’re here to make sure your website is super responsive and speedy. We’ve optimised more than 100 websites and offer a variety of hosting solutions to meet all business needs.
  • Website support plans. There’s nothing more stressful than your website falling over and not knowing how to fix it. Especially if you run an e-commerce business, in which case a broken website can mean no sales for an extended period of time. This never has to be you, though. Mage Rage offers support plans to meet all client needs.
  • Server management. Having server trouble? Mage Rage can run a thorough audit of your server and website configurations to pinpoint the triggers of these problems. From here, we can work independently or with your developers to solve the problems, reconfigure your server to improve performance, upgrade your server for you, or move your website to a new platform.
  • Consulting. If you need bespoke support, feel free to hop on a call (or a series of calls) with us, and we can offer you the advice you need. We have over a decade of expertise to share with you.

We’ve worked with individuals, small organisations, and large businesses in Shrewsbury. And your business could be next.

So, whatever web service you need, drop us a line and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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