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Mage Rage


You've got a great website but its slow or unreliable…

Mage Rage understands the importance of server performance when it comes to your business. Research shows a strong correlation between slow page loads and customers abandoning the website.

Mage Rage hosting is completely in the cloud. Mage Rage only uses quality server providers to build a solid infrastructure.

As of 2020 Mage Rage manages an extensive range of servers and client servers, with a combined hosting portfolio of hundreds of websites.

Cloud vs Dedicated server

Some companies boast about having their own server in a data centre as if it is a huge advantage. But here's the thing they never tell you: a dedicated server is a single machine. So if a part breaks on this machine then website, emails and more could be offline for hours or even days.

Cloud hosting is different. Cloud servers look and act like any other server but are actually running on many machines. This means that if one of these machines develops a broken part it can be taken out and removed without disrupting your services, so your website stays online.

Mage Rage web hosting is powered by Linode, using cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers set up from bare Operating System to be super fast and reliable, which makes them ideal for power hungry platforms such as Magento. All Mage Rage Linode servers are based in London and use powerful Intel processors along with SSD storage so you can get the best performance from your website.

On top of all this you can also get:

  • Inclusive off site daily managed backups

  • Automatic service failure detection and recovery

  • Automated error reporting so a server expert knows your site has an error before you do

  • backup MX

  • DNS failover

  • Separated services (database, email and web run on different servers)

  • Optional custom built CDN with integrated image compression and advanced features

  • Choice of PHP versions, ranging from PHP 5.6 to the latest versions of PHP 7

  • HTTP2 support


I want this, where do I sign up? Get in touch and Mage Rage will guide you through the rest.

Magento Optimised

After years of working with the platform, Mage Rage knows how to make Magento fly. Part of this is having the right server set up. Mage Rage servers are set up with Magento in mind, with all the tweaks and services necessary to squeeze every last bit of performance out of Magento. Because Mage Rage servers are optimised for Magento it means that other platforms, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop and more will fly too! If you are ready to move your Magento to Mage Rage, get in touch and speak to an expert.

Reseller Hosting

For those that want to share the benefits of Mage Rage hosting with their clients, Mage Rage can offer a bespoke reseller package tailored to your needs with all the benefits above and more. Get in touch and let Mage Rage know your requirements, or any questions you may have.

Dedicated VPS

If you have special requirements or need even more power, Mage Rage can set up and manage a dedicated VPS exactly to your needs. Mage Rage can also offer extra services to complement your server including daily off-site backups, backup DNS and backup MX to name a few. Get in touch today to learn more.

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