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Mage Rage


Alan is a highly skilled magento developer. His technical ability and helpful advice continues to help us meet our complex technical needs.

Rishi Bhatia - Managing Director, RB Healthcare Ltd

Magento is the Mage Rage platform of choice for e-commerce. Magento is a powerful platform that can offer countless features, such as:

  • Easy management of customers, pages, categories and products

  • Flexible shipping options

  • Multiple payment gateways

  • Discount codes and pricing rules

  • Tiered pricing

  • Customer group pricing

  • Many different reports

And much, much more

Mage Rage have developed powerful solutions to meet customers' exact needs and grow or transform their e-commerce presence. With the vast experience and specialised knowledge of certified developer Alan, Mage Rage can customise Magento in ways that the competition can't.

With great power comes great responsibility. Magento is a very powerful and customisable system, but this also means it can get complex if handled by an inexperienced or untrained developer. This is why Mage Rage is run by a certified developer who can get the best out of the system.

If you already have a Magento site, Mage Rage can help you with custom development, Magento upgrades, Magento migrations and any Magento problems you may have. Many Mage Rage clients use bespoke modules to make Magento even more powerful. Mage Rage's Magento optimised hosting can help speed up a slow Magento and comes with many other benefits.

Unlike much of the competition, Mage Rage can provide solutions with the cutting edge Magento 2.

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